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Caravan Safety

If you're taking to the roads with a caravan, trailer or horsebox, don't set out without a final safety and maintenance check, especially if you leave it standing for most of the year.

Before setting out, make sure your trailer is properly serviced and fit to be on the road. Your trailer should be given a regular service by a reputable dealer.

To raise awareness of the safety risks involved when towing a caravan or trailer and the importance of ensuring you are towing safely, the Highways Agency has issued a safety DVD, Fit to Tow, presented by Carol Smillie.

Towing a Caravan

Towing a caravan advice and tips. Speed limits for different roads. Driving licence restrictions due to caravan weight. Reversing techniques

Learn Towing Techniques

The Caravan Channel towing academy, part 1, with the Caravan Club instructors

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