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Legal Guide to Motoring & Towing


Two thirds of private motorists have comprehensive insurance. Most of the remainder choose third party fire and theft, with a small proportion taking out more limited forms of cover.The Certificate of Insurance - this is evidence of insurance as required by the Road Traffic Act. A Cover Note - acts as a temporary policy and also as a temporary certificate of insurance for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act. The Policy Document - sets out in full the terms and conditions of your policy. You should read your policy carefully - there is no small print or difficult language in modern insurance policy booklets.

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Parking tickets are usually issued by a parking attendant at the scene. They may, however, be sent to the owner of the vehicle by post, for example if the contravention was observed using a CCTV camera. Do not ignore parking tickets. for a discount, payment must be received by the council within 14 days. A payment slip accompanies the ticket - if you wish to pay the ticket
but have lost the payment slip contact the council.

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As a driver or keeper of a vehicle you have certain duties and obligations which must be met before driving or keeping a vehicle on the road. You must also tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of any changes to your personal or vehicle details. Information on HGV, LVG and all other driver licences are available

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Find out what a MOT tester looks for when completing an MOT Test And reduce the chances of automatically failing with our Pre-MOT test Guidelines MOT Test or even read our Frequently Asked MOT Questions. If your question can't be answered ask our MOT expert questions regarding specific MOT matters. Find your closest MOT Testing Station is quick and simple with UKMOT.com. With over 18,000 garages listed finding your local specialist is easy.

Road Traffic Act

All vehicles and their drivers in the UK have to abide by the law these laws are set out in The Road Traffic Act which covers the use of all vehicles on roads, all aspects of vehicle use are included and are set out in full here. The current and most up-to-date Road Traffic Act is avaliable on our sites.
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Road Safety Act
The road safety act is a set of laws in the UK that have to abide by all road users. This helps the raods run smoothly and help prevent accidents. All road users in the UK must have knowlege of this act and it even is refered to in your current tests

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Highway Code
The Highway code is the most commonly used tool for road safety. It relates to all users from cars, pedestrains, cyclists and even horse riders. Being familiar with the Highway Code is vital in both young people and old. For the most comprehensive copy of the highway code please visit the link below

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Road Signs

For all drivers knowing road signs is vitally important. Even people who been driving many years you need to refresh your memory on road signs every few months. New drivers must know these signs for the theory tests and for there practical drivers test. All the road signs in the highway code are set out here.

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