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Our guide to safe and legal towing is divided into the following sections:

Before you tow

Driving Licence Rules for Towing
Check that you are able to tow legally with your current driving licence.
Having the Right Tow Vehicle
Why this is essential for safe and legal towing.
Trailer Weight, Length & Width Limits
Clarification of the legal limits you have to apply.
Towing Capacities
Check the towing capacity of the vehicle you want to use for towing.
Coupling up a Trailer/Caravan
A step by step guide.
Towing Checklist


Towing a Trailer/Caravan

Understand how you need to adapt your driving to tow safely.
Towing a Car
How to tow a car safely.
Stopping Distances
Understand how much time and space you need to stop safely when towing.
A step by step guide to reversing a trailer.
Speed Limits when Towing
Lower speed limits apply to vehicles towing trailers or caravans on UK roads.

Equipment & Servicing

Towing Equipment Requirements
Tow bars, mirrors, brakes, lights, ?A?-frames & dollies, number plates, tyres
Caravan Tyres
Trailer Wiring
How to wire a 7 pin trailer/caravan plug.

Motoring Help
Legal Guide to Motoring