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Tyre Sidewall Markings

Note: The loads and pressures moulded on the sidewalls of many tyres are a North American requirement and do not apply in the UK and Europe. ITEMS IN RED PRINT ARE NOT OBLIGATORY IN UK & EUROPE

Remember the ‘Golden Rules’ For safe towing of caravans and trailer tents:

• Fit the correct tyres
• Tyres must be in good condition
• Tyre pressures must be correctly maintained using an accurate tyre pressure gauge
• Do not overload
• Check your tyres regularly for any signs of damage and remove from the tread any potential penetrations such as trapped stones
• Drive the combination at reasonable (‘comfortable’) speeds – within the speed limits
• Rapid manoeuvres must be avoided, e.g. sudden overtaking or lane changing. Good driving practice, with or without a caravan/trailer tent, includes intelligent anticipation of such moves.
• Respect the car and caravan/trailer tent manufacturer’s recommendations at all times.

Explanation of Tyre Size Designations

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